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Supporting Child Development is Fun!

The Joki Hanging Nest is a fun place for your child to swing and relax, but it’s also much more than that—it’s a great way to support your child’s development. Research has shown that swinging synchronizes brainwaves and provides balance training which helps improve concentration, focus, and alertness. This is why the Joki is a favorite among parents and teachers alike.

Kids need more than just a bed, desk & chair to make their living space feel complete. Our Joki nest produces a sense of pride and self-esteem in children as it provides a safe space they can feel is all their own. Plus a unique and eye-catching Joki can make the kid’s room really fun! Joki Hanging Nests can be mounted anywhere—from a bedroom ceiling joist, tree limb, porch beam, or swing set. With their extra-soft, high-quality cotton and large, removable pillows, Jokis offer both relaxation and stimulation for children ages 3-9.

  • Pure Cotton: exceptionally soft to the touch, vibrantly colorful, and long-lasting
  • Takes up a minimal amount of space and even fits into small children’s rooms
  • Both the chair and cushion are machine washable—perfect for children with allergies!
  • Soothing and relaxing cocoon-like shape provides a refuge & safe haven
  • Makes the perfect gift for children!


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Why Joki?


Don’t settle for imitation nests with uncomfortable, inflatable pillow inserts and scratchy, often toxic materials. Jokis offer superior, durable design & manufacturing.


The comfortable Joki pillow can be easily removed and cared for—simply toss it in the washing machine. This is especially wonderful for children with allergies!


The Joki comes in three different fabrics—classic cotton, organic cotton, and weatherproof HamacTex®—and can be hung anywhere, indoor or outdoor!


Joki Classic

Our original: Absolutely safe, soft and extremely durable. Joki is the ideal playmate and safe haven.



Joki Outdoor

Our outdoor star: Joki Outdoor is made of cotton-like weatherproof fibers. This is our worry-free hanging nest for the backyard, patio or balcony.



Joki Planet

Joki Planet is made of super-soft organic cotton. Its soft, pastel colors offer a neutral alternative to our classic Joki, one that will perfectly blend into any living room.



Joki Product Details – At a Glance

Required Min. Height 6 ft 7 in
Seating Width 2 ft 4 in
Total Height 4 ft 11 in
Removable Pillow
Carrying Capacity 175 lbs
Thumbnail Pure Cotton
Suitable for children ages 3+
Machine Washable

Still Not Convinced?

Here Are a Few More Reasons Why the Joki is the Perfect Addition to Your Child’s Life!

  • Swinging increases concentration which improves learning and focus
  • It is the perfect retreat for quieter children where they can read, listen to music or simply hang out in peace
  • The large and comfortable pillow is zippered inside, so it can be removed and washed. Both the outer fabric and pillow can be machine washed on cold, gentle cycle. Air dry only.
  • Children feel much more secure in Joki Hanging Nests than in other traditional seats thanks to the rocking motion and the closed, cocoon-like design
  • Research shows that swinging synchronizes brain waves, is relaxing, and can increase concentration
  • Swinging in a Joki stimulates the sense of balance and can powerfully impact the brain’s ability to process and use sensory input, and greatly helps childrens’ bodies regulate their sensory system


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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

“Extremely good quality, we have two special needs kids that use it every single day, it’s a necessity here at home for us. My boys find comfort and relaxation when using it. It stimulates their brain. The soft pillow cushion is hard to find anywhere else swings are sold. By far the BEST quality swing we’ve purchased! Will be purchasing again.”
Debbie, Real LA SIESTA Customer
“My daughter loves her Joki! She loves reading in it, rocking her gerbil in it, and loves using it for play! She has used it with many friends and it has survived a lot of rough-housing beautifully! This is a testament to its impeccable quality! It looks and performs wonderfully! It’s sturdy, fun, and beautiful!”
Sandra, Real LA SIESTA Customer
“We chose the Joki as a Christmas present for our 6 (Dolphy) and 3 (Lilly) year old. We had ordered the Lilly chair from another site but the Dolphy was sold out there (last minute shopping). So I went looking to find one elsewhere. I called customer service at La Siesta to see if we could get one in time (Dec. 16th) and they were great, it shipped the day we ordered and we received it with plenty of time (Dec. 22). My husband installed on Christmas Eve and said it was super easy. When the kids came down stairs Christmas morning they were so excited. They love to use them for reading, sleeping and making secret hideaways. They also use them to hang and swing on. We hung them with a rope and carabiner so we can easily take them outside when the weather permits. It has been wonderful watching their imaginations run wild with this compact chair.”
Kaitlyn, Real LA SIESTA Customer