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JOKI – supporting child development is fun

With JOKI we would like to offer parents a first-class and fun way to support their child’s development. Supporting child development is real fun with our JOKI. Playing and swinging in LA SIESTA’s safe hanging nest trains the sense of balance and your child’s fine motor skills. This improves children’s alertness and ability to concentrate, which ultimately helps their reading, math and writing skills.

Furthermore JOKI offers the perfect safe haven, a hideaway where small ones can find security and calm when they need to escape the world for a moment. Reading, listening or just dreaming: our JOKI is the perfect oasis for a small break between all daily adventures.

  • Maximum safety for untroubled playing and swinging
  • Trains sense of balance and the child’s fine motor skills
  • Recommended by movement experts and occupational therapists
  • Perfect safe haven
  • Available as outdoor model for outdoor use

Safety first


Due to its strengthened selvages JOKI is perfectly equipped. Its soft cotton fabric is very durable and a reliable partner for fun playing.


The comfortable JOKI pillow can be removed easy and hassle free. Caring for the pillow and the JOKI is easy as pie, just put them in the washing machine.


The completely closed suspension of the JOKI offers additional safety when playing. It is extremely durable and foregoes any cords or the likes.

Recommended by movement experts

Soft swinging trains the sense of balance, which has a positive impact on the ability to concentrate and it improves learning success in reading, writing and math. That’s why movement experts recommend JOKI as means to train children’s fine motor skills, as well as their safe spot to find peace and calm between wild adventures.


The German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG) explicitly recommends playing in hanging products for a child’s healthy cognitive development.

„With their self-organized swinging activities in the JOKI children regulate their inner balance intuitively. Stimulating impulses not only train the sense of balance, but also improve nerve exchanges. They trigger a sense of well-being and help stress relieve and muscle relaxation.“
Dr. Breithecker, German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG)
“JOKI is a godsend for children. Your child is offered everything it needs on a sensory level. Swinging impulses that train the sense of balance, tactile stimuli caused by the fabric closely hugging the body and a retreat that helps to compose yourself, to concentrate and listen to your inner voice. It also gives lots of fine motor stimuli, which give the child’s brain impulses to adjust to different body positions.”
Dr. Golombeck, Occupational therapist